The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Cost of American Bully Dogs

American Bully dogs are a popular breed of companion dogs that have a loyal, friendly, and energetic temperament. They are also known for their muscular physique, broad head, and short coat. But why do these dogs cost so much? What factors influence the price of an American Bully?

The answer is not simple, as many variables affect the value of an American Bully. Some of these factors include the pedigree, bloodline, health, size, color, and registration of the dog. Additionally, the demand and supply of the breed, the location and reputation of the breeder, and the quality and quantity of the litter also play a role in determining the price. In this article, we will explore each of these factors in detail and explain how they contribute to the high cost of owning an American Bully.

Why do American Bully Dogs Cost So Much?

The high price of American Bully dogs often comes as a surprise to many potential adopters. This breed, though considered a modern “designer” variety, has quickly gained immense popularity, with enthusiasts ready to invest significant sums, often reaching thousands of dollars, despite its mixed-breed nature.

Typically, an American Bully’s cost ranges from $ 2,000 to $10,000. However, don’t let these figures deter you, as more affordable American Bullies are available. To learn how to acquire an affordable American Bully, please continue reading.

Why do American Bully Dogs Cost So Much?

Now, why is the American Bully breed so expensive? The answer is multifaceted, with various aspects contributing to the price of an American Bully. Let’s explore these factors:

Factors Influencing the Cost of American Bullies

Several elements contribute to the initial expense associated with American Bullies, and these factors serve to rationalize the pricing.


When selecting a puppy from any dog breed, understanding its lineage and genetic background is of paramount importance. This principle holds for American Bullies as well.

Opting for a puppy with a well-established lineage aids in choosing the appropriate type of Bully puppy. This approach grants insights into the Bully’s anticipated appearance and behavioral traits.

In the context of American Bullies, bloodlines play a pivotal role in acquiring an authentic Bully. This significance arises from American Bullies being a crossbreed of Pitbulls and Bulldogs. This mix can sometimes lead to unscrupulous individuals attempting to pass off mixed American Bullies as purebred ones.

When purchasing an American Bully, it’s essential to ensure that the breeder can furnish the AKBC Pedigree of the Bully. This confirmation serves as evidence of its purebred American Bully status.

An American Bully from a recognized and renowned bloodline costs approximately $ 3,000 to $ 8,000.

Categorizing American Bullies by Size

American Bullies are categorized into four distinct classes based on their size. Each type carries a unique price point, and specific differentiating factors are elaborated below:

  1. Standard American Bully: The Standard American Bullies are medium-sized dogs with well-proportioned muscles and bone structure. Recognized as a reference point by the AKC, they serve as a standard for comparison with other Bullies. These Bullies typically come at a price of around $2500.
  2. Classic American Bully: The Classic Bully shares similarities with the Standard Bully but possesses a slightly less prominent bone structure and reduced body mass. While maintaining the same height as the Standard Bully, the Classic Bully has less weight and a broader chest. Like the Standard Bully, the Classic Bully is also priced at $2500.
  3. XL American Bully: The XL Bully belongs to the largest Bully class. Though sharing a resemblance with the Standard Bully, the XL Bully stands out due to its increased size, height, and weight. XL Bullies can reach heights of up to 23 inches and come with a price range of $ 5,000 to $10,000.
  4. Pocket American Bully: The Pocket American Bullies are officially the smallest class within the American Bully category. Despite their diminutive size, they resemble smaller versions of the Standard Bully. Remarkably, Pocket Bullies often command a higher price compared to the Standard Bully, ranging from $3000 to $8000.

The Breeder’s Reputation

Within the realm of American Bully breeding, a range of individuals are still learning the ropes. The wise path for those seeking a top-notch Bully is to opt for established and respected breeders.

Purchasing from a well-regarded breeder with a history of quality can ensure that the acquired puppy grows into a robust and healthy adult dog.

In the expansive landscape of breeders, some have garnered significant acclaim, outshining others. A particular breeder managed to sell an American Bully for an astonishing $250,000.

While such extravagant expenses aren’t necessary to obtain a high-quality Bully, it’s important to recognize that a breeder’s reputation and track record influence the cost. To establish contact with a reputable breeder, seeking references is valuable.

Why do American Bully Dogs Cost So Much?

Engaging with previous clients who’ve acquired American Bullies in recent years can offer insights into the breeder’s reliability and the eventual outcomes of their puppies. References serve as an invaluable tool for assessing your chosen breeder’s quality and standing.

Certification for Purebred Status

Acquiring certification for a purebred dog comes at a reasonable cost, yet discovering a dog that arrives with comprehensive ABKC documentation can offer a deeply gratifying experience.

The presence of ABKC papers significantly enhances the value of a dog, particularly for individuals seeking top-tier American Bully breeds. It’s also prudent to verify the documentation of both parents, as this ensures the pedigree of the puppy is of superior quality. It’s important to note that obtaining these certifications may involve a higher initial investment.

Coloration’s Impact on Price

The color of a dog holds considerable sway over its price point. While the American Bully exhibits a wide array of colors, a select few are considered rare.

These uncommon hues command notably higher prices than the more standard ones. The American Bully’s color spectrum includes black, red, white, blue, lilac, and tri-color variations.

Black and red are prevalent and consequently more affordable. Red is sometimes referred to as brown or liver in color. The rarity of the blue shade sets it apart. In American Bullies, the blue color appears as a shade of gray that exhibits a bluish tint under specific lighting conditions.

Tri-color combinations showcase immense diversity, presenting an endless array of color mixes. These tri-color patterns also tend to be pricier than the conventional black and red options.

The true standout is the lilac color, occasionally referred to as champagne. Within the American Bully breed, lilac is a scarce find. A breeder is considered fortunate to have a lilac-colored Bully within their lineage.

Why do American Bully Dogs Cost So Much?

However, securing a lilac-colored Bully can incur a substantial expense, with prices sometimes soaring up to $50,000. Unfortunately, this particular coloration emerges only sporadically, surfacing once every few generations within a bloodline.

Influence of Popularity

The level of popularity a particular American Bully enjoys significantly influences its ultimate price tag. Opting for a well-known Bully will generally lead to a higher purchase cost. Additionally, even the progeny of renowned Bullies tend to carry higher price points than the standard.

An illustrative example is the famed Pocket Bully, Venom, who hails from the Venomline bloodline. Venom’s exceptional status led to a staggering price of $2 million, and offspring originating from his bloodline command prices starting at a minimum of $8000.

Beyond these celebrated bloodlines, some Bullies attain fame through their show dog accomplishments. Earning recognition for their outstanding performance in dog shows, these Bullies carve a distinct reputation for themselves.

High Demand

The American Bully breed is currently experiencing a surge in demand. Despite being a relatively recent addition to the canine world, the American Bully has garnered widespread attention. Consequently, the desire to own one has surged, creating a situation where the supply falls short of the demand. As you prepare to welcome an American Bully into your home, consider securing their future with comprehensive pet insurance coverage.

This scarcity of available American Bullies contributes to the already heightened enthusiasm surrounding them. The appeal and fascination for these dogs are well-founded, given their exceptional nature and warm-hearted disposition.

American Bullies possess a gentle and pleasant temperament despite their robust and imposing appearance. They readily extend their friendliness to adults and children, making them ideal companions.

The Investment in Show-Worthy American Bullies

The American Bully has gained considerable prominence in the realm of dog shows. If you aspire to participate in competitions, it’s essential to acknowledge that the price for a dog intended for these events exceeds that of a typical pet quality Bully.

In the pursuit of a competition-grade American Bully, certain attributes should be assessed in a prospective puppy:

  1. Ensure the pup displays a straight alignment from the withers (shoulder blades) to the tail.
  2. The rear angulation should be precise, avoiding excessive curvature and maintaining a straight profile.
  3. Observe the dog’s front; a desirable show quality involves a straight stance, with feet and toes pointing forward rather than splaying outward.
  4. Assess the pasterns and the lower part of the legs; they should be robust and upright. The ideal pattern is straight and slightly angled.
  5. Tight feet indicate a desirable trait; minimal spacing between the toes is preferred.

A flawless representation of an American Bully possessing all the hallmark traits of a show dog typically falls within the price range of $7000 to $25,000.

Affordable Pet Quality American Bullies

Contrary to Show Quality American Bullies, the option of Pet Quality Bullies is more budget-friendly and readily available. If your intention is to bring an American Bully into your home as a companion, there’s no need to prioritize the characteristics of a show dog.

Instead, focus on factors like health and temperament. A well-balanced and robust dog is poised to lead a lengthy and joyful life within your household.

Pet quality Bullies come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Their price range spans from $ 2,000 to $10,000. What matters most in these instances is the integrity of the bloodline; ensuring its quality is your key consideration. Alongside, providing them with reliable health coverage can be equally important. Explore suitable pet insurance options to ensure their well-being.

For those seeking a cost-effective route, adoption from a local rescue shelter is a compassionate choice. Typically ranging from $500 to $800, adoption provides an avenue to bring an American Bully into your life.

Alternatively, options like puppy mills and backyard breeders exist. American Bullies from these sources are generally priced between $200 and $500, occasionally even being given away for free. However, it’s important to note that these sources often employ unethical breeding practices, potentially compromising the health of the Bullies they produce.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Sets American Bullies Apart?

The American Bully stands out due to its exceptional versatility and trainability. While they excel as affectionate companions at home, they can also thrive in sports when the need arises. Notably, they display minimal aggression tendencies and are relatively free from health issues.

Is Owning an American Bully Costly?

Caring for an American Bully is relatively economical. These dogs require modest upkeep, shedding an average amount of fur while maintaining good health. Their knack for keeping themselves engaged means they demand only a fraction of your daily time.

Which American Bully Variety is Most Affordable?

Among the American Bully types, the Standard and Classic variations come with the most budget-friendly price tag, typically around $2500. However, opting to adopt a Bully can cost as low as $500. It’s important to note that adopted Bullies might be mixed breeds and could have health considerations.

Which American Bully Commands the Highest Price?

Bullies from the Venomline lineage are known for their high price tags. On average, an American Bully from this line could cost around $8000. The renowned Bully named Venom, credited with starting this breed, is estimated to be valued at an astonishing $2 million.

In Conclusion

The rationale behind the considerable expense of these dogs boils down to a straightforward fact: they are immensely sought after. The allure of owning an American Bully has captured widespread attention. As an owner of a Micro Bully myself, I can vouch for their indispensability; his presence enriches my life. American Bullies stand out for their unwavering loyalty and boundless affection.

These dogs readily engage in cozy snuggles and exuberant play with children. Regrettably, the surging demand for American Bullies has propelled their prices to new heights.

Yet, as demand and costs rise, some individuals engage in unethical breeding practices, undermining the breed’s reputation.

It’s incumbent upon us to contribute our share to curb such behaviour. The most effective approach lies in avoiding transactions with such individuals or establishments.

Ultimately, the price of a well-bred puppy is more than justified by the enduring love and companionship they offer. They prove that their personalities are a rewarding return on your investment. May your journey lead you to the perfect Bully for your home.

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