How to Make an American Bully’s Head Grow Bigger

Although American Bullies might look tough and have a not-so-great reputation, they’re one of the most adorable and affectionate dog breeds. Many owners want to help their American Bully’s head grow bigger to look even more robust and muscular.

One of the standout features of the American Bully is its head. Some wonder if their bully puppy’s head will get bigger as they grow up and if there’s anything they can do to help. In this article, we will talk about ways to support your Bully’s head to grow.

How to Make an American Bully’s Head Grow Bigger: 5 tip

If you want your American Bully’s head to grow bigger, here are five tips that can assist in developing their head muscles.

Choose the Right Vitamins for Your American Bully. Like vitamins are essential for humans, they are equally vital for your American Bully’s head. Vitamins play a significant role in helping your American Bully’s head grow as it should.

While genetics play a significant part in your Bully’s development, giving them the right vitamins and nutrients is equally substantial.

How to Make an American Bully's Head Grow Bigger

Vitamins are essential during your American Bully’s puppy years, but it’s also good to continue providing them as they grow into adults. The vital vitamins to focus on are vitamins A, D, and B complex. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Vitamin A:

The Eye and Growth Helper Vitamin A is like a superhero for your Bully’s eyesight. You can easily give your American Bully more vitamin A by including carrots in their meals.

Vitamin A doesn’t just make their eyesight sharper and does wonders for their hair, skin, and, most importantly, their body and head growth. It’s like a booster for their development, immune system, and cell functions. So, ensuring your Bully gets plenty of vitamin A is essential.

Vitamin D:

The Sunshine Vitamin for Strong Bones: Just like we absorb vitamin D from the sun, dogs can benefit too. Vitamin D isn’t only about general health; it’s also a key player in growing strong bones. When your Bully absorbs vitamin D, it helps them balance essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus.

With enough vitamin D in their diet, your American Bully might be able to build strong muscles and bones properly.

So, if you want your growing Bully pup to have the best chance at solid bones and muscles, especially in their head, giving them a good dose of vitamin D is smart.

The Power of Vitamin B Complex

Imagine the Vitamin B complex as a team of superheroes of vitamin B12, B6, and other helpful vitamins. They’re like the secret squad that keeps your Bully healthy and even helps with the size of their head.

Vitamin B complex is like a master of many tasks. It helps essential things like making enzymes work correctly, keeping the nervous system in check, managing metabolism, and boosting the immune response.

Vitamin B is like the magic key that helps your dog’s body use protein and fat in their meals. These are super important for your Bully’s growth and development. So, ensuring your American Bully gets enough Vitamin B contributes to their head’s growth.

Give Your American Bully the Right Amount of Exercise

Just like people, dogs need exercise to stay healthy. Different dog breeds require different amounts of activity. American Bullies are active, so they need about 30 minutes of exercise every day.

But here’s the trick: It’s not just about running around. It would help if you also gave their minds a workout. That means taking your Bully for walks, jogs, and fun games like fetch or tricky games that make them think.

These activities help your dog grow more robust in their body and mind. However, it’s essential to be careful, especially with smaller dogs. Too much exercise can hurt their bones and joints.

How to Make an American Bully's Head Grow Bigger

So, plan to find the right exercise balance that strengthens your belly’s bones and joints. Regular exercise is also great for helping your Bully’s head grow the way it should.

Feed Your American Bully a Well-Balanced Diet

Giving your Bully the right food is meaningful and closely connected to ensuring they get all the essential vitamins they need.

Providing your Bully with a balanced diet is like boosting them for growing the right way, especially their head. A balanced diet means giving them food rich in protein and fat.

This food could be crunchy kibbles or fresh meat and fruits; what matters most is that it has all the essential nutrients. For the best advice on what to feed your Bully and whether they need any extra stuff, like noteworthy food or vitamins, it’s wise to talk to your vet.

Ensuring your American Bully’s health includes providing a well-balanced diet. Additionally, having comprehensive pet insurance can offer peace of mind, knowing that your Bully will receive the necessary medical care when needed. Explore suitable pet insurance options that align with your Bully’s needs

Boost Your Pregnant Bully’s Puppies with Growth Formula

If you’re someone who raises Bully pups and your mama Bully is expecting, and you want those little ones to have solid and big heads, there’s something extra you can do

There are particular supplements you can give your pregnant Bully. These supplements help her and pass on to her puppies when they’re in her tummy and when she’s nursing them. This means these supplements give the pups a head start in growing right, including their precious little heads.

Build Strong Muscles for Your American Bully’s Head and Face 

If you want your American Bully’s head to look just right, you must ensure their face and head muscles are strong. There’s a neat trick you can try to make their jaw muscles stand out a bit more.

Remember, the size of your Bully’s head is mainly determined by its genes. So, if neither of their parents had a big lead, it’s less likely your Bully pup will have one.

But don’t worry! Even though you can’t change genetics, you can still do something simple to help those jaw muscles grow. This can make their head look more extensive.

Strengthening their muscles is like giving them a little workout. Letting your Bully chew on toys or having a game of tug-of-war are two fun ways to help their jaw muscles get stronger.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Will My Dog’s Head Get Bigger?

If your dog’s parents had big heads, there’s a good chance your dog will, too. You can also help this by taking care of their food, exercise, vitamins, and other essentials.

But in the end, it’s mostly genetics that decide how big your dog’s head will be.

At What Age Does a Dog’s Head Stop Growing?

Your Bully pup grows a lot until they’re about 12 months old, and they keep getting stronger and bigger until they’re around two years old. If your dog’s head has yet to grow much by then, it’s less likely to develop much more later.

To ensure your dog’s head grows as it should, give them good food, enough exercise, and the right vitamins and supplements.

Are Dogs with Bigger Heads Smarter?

Some studies suggest that dogs with giant heads do better in specific intelligence tests than dogs with smaller heads. But it’s not always true that big-headed dogs are more intelligent than small-headed ones.

How Can I Ensure My Bully’s Health and Future?

Ensuring your Bully’s health involves various aspects, from proper nutrition to regular exercise. It’s also wise to consider their long-term well-being. Explore pet insurance options that can provide financial protection for unexpected medical expenses. Check out our recommended pet insurance plans to secure your Bully’s health journey.


After going through this article, it’s clear that your American Bully’s head size is mainly determined by their genetics. Your role is to take good care of them and support their growth.

Remember, a smaller head shouldn’t worry you as long as you love and care for your Bully. American Bullies are lovely, kind, and cute dogs. Ensure you do your best to help your Bully and let nature take care of the rest. This information was helpful.

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