How Does Cerenia Kill a Dog |Vet’s Guide|

It is hilarious for all pet owners to give their pets anything that can kill them. 

I know, I know,

What are you thinking?

Is there any pet owner who will give to his dog such a thing that can kill it?

No, no one can kill his dog, but!

They do it unconsciously. So, it’s imperative to understand the nature of everything you give your pet. 

Cerenia is one of them you need to know about because your dog’s health is crucial. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the deep facts about Cerenia. Let’s get into it.

How does Cerenia kill a dog

What Is Cerenia Drug?

Cerenia is the name of a drug. It is used to prevent nausea and vomiting in dogs and cats. Also, it is used to cure motion sickness in dogs.

Chemically Cerenia consists of an active ingredient maropitant citrate. It reacts against vomiting and pain.

Also, Cerenia is used to cure gastrointestinal disorders that lead to nausea and vomiting in dogs.

Cerenia is available in the form of tablets and injections. Also, this medicine is FDA-approved and is used to cure nausea and vomiting in dogs and cats. 

How does Cerenia kill a dog?

This phrase is a highly searched phrase on Google. Some dog owners have complained that Cerenia has killed their dogs.

In this article, we’re going to learn how Cerenia kills a dog. 

How Does Cerenia Kill A Dog?

There is a misconception that Cerenia medicine kills the dogs. To understand the reality we’ve to consider some facts. 

  1. We must know what effects Cerenia leaves on the body of your dog when you give them this drug.
  2. How long you’ve been giving Cerenia drugs to your ill dog?
  3. What is the age of your dog (as not all the medicines are suitable for all ages)
  4. Is your dog allergic to some specific medicines (Cerenia can be one of them)

All the above-mentioned points are crucial to keep in mind to save your dog’s life. 

But the question is still there, How does Cerenia kill a dog?

Cerenia does not kill a dog

The truth is, Cerenia is a drug. Like all the other drugs, Cerenia also has some side effects. If you’re giving Cerenia to your pet without knowing whether it’s making it comfortable or uncomfortable. You can harm your pet.

That’s why it’s necessary to consult your vet before giving Cerenia. Let’s go through its effects and side effects for better understanding. 

What Are The Effects of Cerenia Drugs?

Cerenia is one of the best medicines professional veterinarians recommend to cure some illnesses in dogs and cats. These ailments are nausea, vomiting, and motion sickness. 

Since it’s an FBA-approved drug that is given to dogs in the form of tablets or the state of solution (injections).

Usually, one injection is injected into the dog’s body for up to five days for complete wellness. Also, there is no harm in injecting into the muscles or in the veins of a dog. 

Though it’s made for the treatment of dogs there is a question on the internet, How does Cerenia kill a dog?

Technically there is no such case that Cerenia kills a dog. However, misuse of any drug can kill it. So the most important thing is to use Cerenia correctly.

What Are The Side Effects Of Cerenia Drugs?

There are no fatal side effects of Cerenia drugs. However, you may see some changes in the behavior of your dog at a mild level. These are

  • Drolling
  • Diarrhea
  • Reduced appetite
  • Lethargy

If you notice these side effects at an extreme level, consult the pet vet. Besides this, Some allergic reactions like skin itching can also appear. 

Some side effects of Cerenia

Why do Dogs Suffer from Nausea And Vomiting?

There are several reasons for nausea and vomiting in dogs. Sometimes they face this illness due to motion sickness, infectious diseases, and disorders of the kidney, liver, pancreas, stomach, and intestine.

Besides this, there are outside reasons like eating human food, some toxic plants, chemicals, and drug intake.

How Does Cerenia Is Given To The Dogs?

Cerenia is given to the dogs in two ways. First, in the form of tablets Cerenia (Maropitant Citerate 24 mg)

Secondly, in the form of solution (injection). As injections work more effectively than tablets. That is why you should go to the Veterinarian if your dog’s vomiting is threatening its health.

Cerenia in injections are also safe for dogs

Usually, the medicine works one to two hours after intake.

Are You Still Confused About the Usage Of Cerenia?

You may think, how many dog owners have used Cerenia to cure vomiting?

Let me tell you! 

According to Zoetis, 88% of pet owners are satisfied with the Cerenia, and 91% recommend it to others.

Zoetis is a 70-year-old team committed to the pet’s good health, growth, and happiness.


Q. How does Crerenia kill a dog?

A. Cerenia doesn’t kill a dog. However, its misuse can do it.

Q. Is Cerenia safe for dogs?

A. Yes! Cerenia is safe for dogs. It is used to cure vomiting and motion sickness in dogs and sometimes in cats.

Q. I’ve given too much Cerenia to my dog. What should I Do?

A. Giving too much Cerenia to your dog may or may not harm your dog’s health. That’s why if you’re noticing some prominent abnormalities in your dog’s health like tremors, panting, and heavy breathing after administrating too much Cerenia to your dog, you should immediately go to the vet.

Q. Can I give Cerenia to my puppy?

A. No, you shouldn’t give Cerenia drugs under the age of 12 weeks.

Q. When should you not use Cerenia?

A. You should not use Cerenia drugs for puppies (under 12 weeks), or for dogs who have a problematic liver. As it can cause serious issues.

Besides this, dogs with heart diseases should not be administered any drug without a complete vet perception.

Wrap It Up

Cerenia is one of the most effective medicines to prevent nausea, vomiting, and motion sickness in dogs and cats. 

There are some cases reported by dog owners that their dogs are killed by administrating Cerenia drugs. According to pet vets, using Cerenia to cure vomiting in dogs is safe.

However, deaths can be due to some other issues like allergies, liver, and heart diseases. Overall, it’s safe to use Cerenia to treat vomiting in dogs.

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