If you are looking for dog food reviews, there are some facts that you need to consider first. The first fact is that the brand of dog food and the ingredients used are what makes one brand better than the other. The best dry dog food reviews will allow you to gain some insight into what brands are the best and why are they the best. Here are the 3 top dry dog food reviews that will let you see which brands are best and why.

Nature Organics Dog Food

Food number on of the best dry dog food reviews is Nature Organics Dog Food. The first ingredient on the dog food bag is the most important ingredient. This lets you know what the majority of the compound is in the dog food. You do not want your first ingredient to be corn because then the makeup of the dog food is mainly corn. The dog food should have a high level of protein as well as fiber and fat.

With Nature Organics, the first ingredient listed in ORGANIC chicken. Not only is there organic chicken but also chicken meal and then ground brown rice. This is a great combination for a dog as it gives them protein and fiber. The truth is that the organic chicken is a good quality item but raw chicken is made up of 80% of water and therefore the use of chicken meal which constitutes 300% more protein than your normal fresh chicken is what makes this dog food ideal.

Go Natural Grain Free

The second of best dry dog food reviews that you will want to look at is the Go Natural Grain Free dog food. This endurance formula is going to be made up of turkey meal with chicken meal and then de-boned chicken and russet potatoes. The chicken fat is important as well as the other ingredients in the dog food.

The primary turkey meal and chicken meal is what makes this dog food one of the best. It comes with close to 300% more protein than your typical fresh poultry dog foods. Even though regular fresh chicken is included on the list, the chicken is made up of mostly water and cooks down to less than 30% when processed. The use of potatoes on this list is good since it is a digestible carbohydrate and contains other key healthy ingredients.

Berkley and Jenson

The next best dry dog food reviews that ranks a brand of dog food high on the list is Berkley and Jenson. This brand of dog food contains chicken and chicken meal along with brown rice and oats.

The ingredient of rice bran is mixed in with a little of chicken fat. All of these ingredients are good for dogs and help to keep them healthy and active as well as improve their coat of fur and teeth.

The dry content matter is ranked at 3.9 and a good high quality dog food should contain just about 4 percent of dry matter so this is pretty close to the quality of dog food that you want for your dog.

Best Dry Dog Food – The Conclusion

The best dry dog food reviews are in place to help you better understand what dog foods are good for your dog and what foods are best ranked for digestion in your dog.