Most people think that buying all the available food to be fed to their beloved companion in the market equates to giving their beloved pet everything that there is in its dog life. That seems to be not the case. Entrusting your dog’s well-being to pet food companies seems like solely entrusting your own child to a nanny. And, commercial dog food doesn’t in any way equate to being the best dog food.

What do you feed your dog?

Nothing beats home-cooked meals. Even your pet dog deserves to get a taste of your specially prepared meals and all the nutrients that they can get from the food. Make way for the finest dog food borne out of your TLC for your beloved companion.

Your own kitchen is where the greatest dog food can be found, made by your own hands. All the bits and pieces that you can put together at home can be served to your beloved companion’s meal, including big meaty stews, healthy soups, pies, vegetables and maybe some raw bones every now and then.

We must always bear in mind that dog food companies exist primarily for the money. In fact, they do not conform to the same standards and regulations imposed on companies that manufacture food for human consumption. They have less stringent policies to follow. Because of this, some of them have been adding ingredients that you never dreamt of feeding your beloved dog, yet they continue claiming that they produce the top dog food in the whole wide world.

Let’s stop the baloney and look at a different way of providing optimum nutrition to our pets. Many people nowadays have decided to cook rather than buy their dog food. Notwithstanding the inconvenience, a lot of pet owners have decided to prepare home-cooked meals for their dogs and they are one in saying that by doing so, pet dogs get to taste the real best dog food ever.

Why should you opt for home-made dog food?

home made dog food

home made dog food

Home-made dog food, hailed to be the greatest dog food by many, has come to new heights with all the recent news about the dog food recall and associated concerns with commercial dog foods. Most, if not all, commercial dog foods are said to contain “meat by-products,” or in layman’s terms “the parts of the animal left over after the meat has been stripped away from the bone.” These by-products include head, feet, entrails, lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, liver, stomach, bones, blood, intestines, and any other part of the carcass not fit for the consumption of humans like you and me.

How about ground corn, corn bran, corn gluten meal, soy bean meal, soybean hulls, wheat, wheat gluten meal, and peanut hulls? Does their presence in your believed-to-be the top dog food makes any sense to you at all? Why should they be present there in the very first place?

Some products claim to be the best dog food because they don’t contain the ingredients listed above, BUT may contain things like artificial coloring and flavoring, chemical preservatives, and non-domestic ingredients.

How about those that do contain all the right ingredients?

Well, they have been shelved for only-God-knows-how long. Fresh is definitely not the word to describe them. And, we don’t have a way of knowing the other add-ons that they acquire as they sit in the warehouses.

Do these ingredients sound like the ones that you want to find in the finest dog food? If not, you should consider switching.

So what are the good and bad points of feeding home-cooked meals to your dog?

natural organic dogs food bowl ingredients

natural organic dogs food bowl ingredients

The benefits of preparing your pet dog’s meals from scratch are countless. For one, you have the complete control of all meals served to him, plus getting the peace of mind knowing what exactly is being fed to your dog and how clean were the environs when the food was prepared. But it takes a really organized person to set up a homemade feeding plan and then prepare all of the daily meals. Also, the homemade dog food option comes with the added responsibility of formulating nutritionally balanced meals and meeting the calorie requirements for your dog. With proper knowledge, various good dog food recipes, and knack for cooking, you’ll get into the routine in not time.

The best thing about home-cooked dog food is that you get to feed your beloved pet real nutritious food minus additives, extenders and preservatives. Also, it really doesn’t cost much higher than the manufactured stuff. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages in so many ways.

Before you rush into being a dog food gourmand, hold it! Feeding your dog with home-cooked meals is just like feeding a human being. There are food stuffs that do not go well with your pet’s physiological make up too. Do not feed your dog all your favorite food stuff like chocolate and dairy products. You give them to yourself as a treat, but do not do the same to your dog. Also, do not incorporate macadamia nuts, raisins and grapes to your dog food. And most of all do not incorporate alcohol. You don’t have to be Albert Einstein or Galileo to figure out why.

Should you need expert advice on this endeavor, do not hesitate to consult your vet. The best thing to do before embarking on this endeavor is to consult a professional who can give you advice as to what foods in particular can and can’t you feed your dog. Do not take chances when it comes to your pet dog’s health. The food that you will serve to him serves the purpose of sustenance and nutrition, not detriment and discomfort.

As much as you want to lead a life that is most convenient to you, having a pet dog calls for a lot of sense of responsibility, and feeding it the claimed best dog food in the market is not an assurance of achieving premium health. Home is where optimum health is.